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How To Play Razz Poker                                 
Online Razz Poker is the popular variant of the online poker game. Well, it is not as much appealing as other variants of online poker, but it is the best option for those who get disappointed with their inability to make the highest ranking poker hands. As in this variant of online poker, you are supposed to make the weakest hand to win the game. Smart players make great profits by playing this variant of online poker game as they are not supposed to follow any hard strategy to win at this game. Making low ranking hand is quite easy rather than making a high ranking hand. It is the most proffered casino game for the beginners.

What are the basics of Razz Poker?

If you are aware of the rules of Seven Card Stud Poker, then you can easily grab the rules of playing online Razz Poker. It is because the online Razz Poker is the inverted variation of the Seven Card Stud. This game requires a deck of 52 playing cards and a group of two and eight players. The weakest ranking hands in this game are deuce, three, four, five and Ace. You might be thinking how a poker hand can be considered as the lowest if it holds an Ace, it is because in this game, Ace is the weakest poker hand and straights and Flushes are not given any importance.

Way to play the game

An online Razz Poker game begins by positioning a wager. Then, each of the players gets hands of 1 face-up card as well as 2 hole cards. The player with the weakest face-up cards will have to place a wager and begin the first round. In every betting round, players can use any of the options which are offered to them, including fold, call or raise options. On finishing the first round, players will get a 4th face-up card. From this stage of the game, the player which holds the highest card will start the next betting round. Now, the players will again get more face-up card. So, the players will certainly get the 6th and the 7th and the last card in the end of the game. Now, it's time to reveal the cards and the gamers with the weakest ranking card will win the game. So, finally the player who holds the weakest poker hand will be rewarded via a jackpot.

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