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Online blackjack rules are quite simple, especially if you are experienced and have played the game a concrete koala- or online casinos. The game with a simple goal as a player is to beat the dealer or the bank. 21 is the maximum number that you can achieve, otherwise you go over that, so to speak fold. The dealer can not take more after the card number 17, so far he is forced to take as many cards until their total result is 17 or greater. As the player, you can also increase after receiving chapter 17. Blackjack game rules, the numbers 2 to 10 represent the game at all times in accordance with the size, number, in this case, for example, if the dealer gives you a number 8, it corresponds to 8 in the game. The ace card is one or 14, depending on how it will help you in the game. Face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are each either 10 shall appear to the table split the first two cards, or otherwise Dude is 11, 12, and Mrs. King is 13.

Learn online blackjack rules for the game starts so that the dealer will deal the first alternating all the game players one card open, the last for himself. The dealer then further divided into the basic blackjack rules match, each player one card open, that is, each player receives two cards in front of her open. The game uses five 52 decks of cards, so the same card in the sight of the game is almost more than possible. Once all players have two cards in front of his nose, the dealer will continue the game by asking the clock direction of the first player by this solution.

If the dealer has an ace, he asks players that want these perhaps convince contribution, which means that the player places one half of their contribution to the table, and if the dealer gets blackjack, or two face cards in your hand, contribute to convince the player gets to keep its own contribution, but lose the insurance. In general, the game will continue, however, so that each player in turn to either increase, remain in the amount of doubles or share a deck of cards into two.

As the objective is to beat the dealer, players often try to get results as close to 21, so the dealer would be as difficult as possible to hit them. Doubling and sharing is possible only when a player is holding two face cards. Doubling the player's own bet is placed on the table corresponding to chip count, after which he gets only one card, and will stay in it. Sharing means again that the player splits two cards into two hands and play these in a normal manner with a view to beat the dealer.

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