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If you play the same casino frequently or in large amounts, you may be entitled to so-called online VIP bonus offers from the casino. This is recommended because the online casino VIP bonuses are substantially normal bonuses larger. What are the various VIP bonuses, you can then get? Online casino VIP Bonuses can be divided into two groups: Such are awarded to players who play in the casino on a regular basis, and those that are given to players who play in the casino with large sums of money. If you want to get the so-called loyalty VIP bonus, you must either play in the casino for a while, or do more of the deposit to the casino. (In general, the standard limit is at least 3 deposit) If, instead, you want to get the big players of the meaning of the VIP bonuses you have to play with large sums of money every month.

If your goal is to get online VIP bonus, we suggest that you consider which group you belong to, and are planning your play accordingly. Can the VIP casino bonus offers to get to the casino? Not necessarily. Online casino VIP bonuses are uncommon in small casinos, but on the other hand is quite common that you can get these bonuses slightly larger casinos.

If you play at online casinos you may have already come across the so-called online casino Refer a Friend bonus offers. Many wonder how such an online casino Refer a Friend bonuses really work and can anyone get to them. That's why we thought this to tell a little about these bonuses so that you can determine itself whether the casino Refer a Friend bonus work for you.

How do online casino Refer a Friend bonuses work? If you want to take advantage of the online casino Refer a friend bonus offer you will have recommended it to a friend or familiar casino and he must then have an account with the casino. When your friends or people you know to open an account it is also important that he uses a particular code or the like so that the casino can be sure that they have become a new player right through you. If this is the case, you are entitled to a bonus. Can I use these bonuses to get to the casino? Not necessarily. These bonuses can be found of course, a growing number of the casino but all the casinos are still offering the players.

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